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  • Attend all general and annual Board meetings and keep accurate minutes

  • Keep records of all members of the Society 

  •  Ensures minutes are distributed to members shortly after each meeting

  • Sufficiently familiar with legal documents (articles, by-laws, policies) to note applicability during meetings

  • Document and keep record of organizational policies 

  • Keep track of board member term

  • Publish notices of scheduled board meetings

  • Develop and distribute a board calendar before the start of each year

  • Filing the annual reports, changes in directors, amendments in the bylaws and other incorporating documents with Corporate Registry


  • Minimum of two years experience in administration in a paid or volunteer setting.

  • Strong organizational skills, time and ability to meet deadlines and produce notes and Minutes in a timely manner for distribution and action by the Board.

  • Excellent note-taking, transcription, and computer literacy skills.

This is a 3 year-term position serving as a board member 

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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