Board of Directors Call for Nominations

March 22,2019

Apply July 1, 2020 – September 1, 2020

LOUD (let optimism unleash dreams) Art Society is seeking motivated individuals that want to promote art, creative activities and connect artists with communities in Calgary.

Our mission isTo connect and engage  more artists, art and creativity with communities in order to prevent and cure mental disease , optimize mental and emotional health.

Our Vision is: To provide an easy and affordable access to art, practicing creativity  and art education to as many communities as possible.

We are looking for nominees who are passionate about all forms of art and bring knowledge and/or skills in one or more areas of Board governance and leadership: strategic planning, fiscal oversight, collaborative partnerships, fundraising, community outreach and engagement, advocacy, human resources, policy, law, IT and social media.

  • Directors are expected to attend scheduled board meetings and contribute to the mission and vision of LOUD Art Society,  art and cultural growth around creativity, higher emotional intelligence  and optimism in Calgary and other potential locations

  • To engage in generating revenue (from fundraising, sponsorships, memberships, and services) on behalf of the organization.

  • The Board work as a team to support a sustainable funding model that integrates important partnerships within the corporate, education, government and arts service communities.

If you are interested please send us your resume or CV with a message to and outline the position you are applying for, your reason for applying, and your interest in LOUD Art Society!

If you know someone whom you believe would be a good candidate, please feel free to pass along this message or get in touch with us.

Open Board Positions:

Director of Finance - Fundraising Expert

  • ​Working with the Executive Directors to develop fundraising strategies 

  • Take part in planning and participating in fundraising events

  • Create and foster and maintain a strong network of support in various sectors

  • Partner with the Executive Director and other Board members to ensure resolutions are carried out and action items are completed.

  • Approve, where appropriate, policy and other recommendations received from the Executive Director and  the Board

  • The Board, in conjunction with the Executive Director, ensures that LOUD Art Society is in compliance with all laws affecting not for profit organizations, and has sound risk-management practices 

  • Actively soliciting gifts, participating in creating and maintaining partnerships, and other fund development activities

Director-Social Media Expert


  • Working with  other board members to follow and create LOUD Art's story 

  • Maintain effective relationships with the media and online groups so the organization is positively portrayed (social campaigns, events, etc.);

  • Manage daily social media (content, responses, etc.)

  • Multiplatform, multi-use, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Website

  • Create and share relevant  content

Director of Community Outreach 

  • Working with Executive Director to develop community engagement strategies

  • Support of, and participation in, fundraising events and campaigns to ensure the growth and sustainability of LOUD Art society and its programs and services.

  •  Exemplary leadership by demonstrating a high level of personal commitment to the goals and values of the organization through a regular advocacy and raising tax deductible donations 

  • ​Personal qualities of credibility and integrity.

  • Approve, where appropriate, policy and other recommendations received from the Executive Director and  the Board.

  • Actively participate in the identification and recruitment of future Board and volunteers and members.

  •  In conjunction with the Executive Director, review by-laws and policy documents, and recommend bylaw changes to the Membership.

Board Member- General 

General board members will contribute to LOUD Art events, projects and support Board initiatives.

  • Joining existing projects 

  • Creating and developing new projects

  • Maintaining positive relationships by liaising between the organization, the public, member municipalities, government departments and other stakeholders;

  • Conduct impeccable research, interpret data and generate statistics

  • Create and foster and maintain a strong network of support in various sectors including the three levels of government (municipal, provincial, federal), nonprofit sector, public enterprise, and philanthropic

  • Foster strong business bonds and  professional relationships with staff, media, the board and all other stakeholders


  • Attend all general and annual Board meetings and keep accurate minutes

  • Keep records of all members of the Society 

Prior volunteer Board or committee leadership experience in one or more relevant sector ( art organization, business, government, philanthropy, law, not-for-profit sector) is preferred but not mandatory.  LOUD Art Society is striving to build a  diverse and inclusive board . We are looking for :

  • Youth 

  • Members of LGBTQ 

  • Members of Indigenous communities

  • Academics/ educators/ Practitioners

  • A broad range of industries 

  • Other creative individuals

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