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Why Volunteer With LOUD Art Society? .,

  • Opportunity to create art

  • Opportunity to learn about the health and social benefits of art & creativity

  • Opportunity to learn about mental health & wellness

  • Opportunity to learn how to practice living a creative and healthy lifestyle 

  • Opportunity to make an impact

  • Opportunity to develop your voice as an artist, educator / advocate of public health

  • Opportunity to develop and perfect your practical skills

  • Opportunity to gain unique experiences in regards to operation of art/mental health care organization 

  • Be part of a truly empowering and supportive community

  • Share the peace and joy with our participants and create history with us!  


Highly skilled volunteers may also find added benefits through volunteering: 

  • Professional and portfolio experience, especially for students and young professionals (ex. marketing, web design, or counselling)

  • A chance to use and practice their skills, especially for skills that are often hobbies (ex. photography, podcasting, or coaching)

  • Added satisfaction through fulfilling a meaningful and challenging role

  • An opportunity to use their skills for a good cause

  • An opportunity to continue using skills, knowledge, and expertise after retirement

  • A closer, peer relationship with the nonprofit’s staff

Click the "Apply" button to check out the available roles and fill out the application form to be considered.

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