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Creative Energies for Mental Wellness



Who Are We

What Is This? 

Creative Energies for Mental Wellness is a collaborative initiative between LOUD Art Society and Perlin Foundation for Wellbeing to enhance mental health literacy and promote wellbeing through the integration of art therapy and innovative mental health research using brain games. The project aims to bridge gaps in mental health representation, promote positive change, and foster a sense of belonging within communities.

The project will offer 7 sessions of Corner of Creativity with Mind Art Adventures to individuals seeking wellness and mental health resources.




  1. Conduct Art Therapy Sessions: Implement and conduct regular 'Corner of Creativity' sessions to engage individuals in art activities aimed at mental well-being.

  2. Test Brain Game Resources: Create a series of educational games that blend information about brain health with creative expression, and distribute them to educational institutions, healthcare providers, and community centers.

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