Welcome to Our Current Virtual Art Exhibition

"I Am Now" 

This exhibition is presenting artworks of Tonya Callaghan, Sandeep Kaur and Joanne Smith. As their first exhibition, these artists are expressing their painting experience while depicting subjects of "Identity" and "Sense of Belonging" in their paintings. 

"Having not attempted what I would consider a ‘real’ painting since high school, I was quite nervous to make my first brush marks on a landscape painting. After skilled instruction with accompanying demo videos that explained how to sketch with paint, add layers of colour and details, and assured that all mistakes with acrylic were fixable, I soon found myself thoroughly enjoying the painting process and learning a lot about my colour preferences, brush strokes, and abilities as an artist. Throughout the course, I learned new techniques and grew more confident as I stretched to try portrait, still life, and abstract painting styles. I am most proud of the textures I achieved in the ‘Somethings Old, Borrowed, and Blue’ still life of my grandfather’s camera." - Joanne Smith

Enjoy The Show! (Computer view only)

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