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LOUD art Society is proud to design and produce art projects in partnership with different enterprises and communities. These projects are in the form of  site specific murals, art installations,  interactive art works or sculptural pieces. Our projects are suitable for any environment where people can collaborate with artists including public spaces, private events and small groups. LOUD Art Society's projects are specifically designed  based on artistic research and emotional needs of the viewers and participants.
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StarDusts Galaxy Puzzle

"StarDusts" Galaxy Puzzle

Medium: Acrylic on canvas and wooden board
Size: 4' x 6' 
DateMarch 2019
"You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop" -Rumi

In Partnership with University of Calgary "StarDusts" Galaxy Puzzle was created on the theme of IDENTITY for the UofC's mental health strategy event. This interactive art work is built out of 384 puzzle pieces with one message and different visuals.
Participants enjoyed taking a piece away and leaving their own marks instead.

"Wisdom IS Beyond Knowledge"

From Beginning to The End

A Mural Done at

The Alex, Abbeydale Place, Calgary

June 2017


"Wisdom Is Beyond Knowledge" 


Medium: Acrylic and House Paint

Size: 48.3’ x  14.5’

Date: June 2017

“Wisdom is beyond knowledge” is dedicated to the cause and environment of Abbeydale Place, The Alex.

This work of art is  designed based on artistic research on the residence of the building and is created with respect to viewers' emotional needs.

Every book is a story of a resident as the  project was done in conjunction with self-therapy art program held by LOUD Art Society at Abbeydale Place. Every book is a personal story, it is a confidential object , the very  and the only belonging of that person.

Although there are many lessons to learn from each book, every story serves only to whom they belong.

However, all stories happen in the face of the wild and beautiful Nature - the horizons of our perspective of The Universe.

 All colours, elements and their order of construction are intended to create a sense of familiarity and peace.

This 360 degree mural is designed to provide a meditative experience for the viewer . 

This piece is filled with  memories and it was a true pleasure for us to create it collaboratively with members of the community.

"That Ours Is, That Is Us" From Beginning to End at Bb4ck,Calgary

June 2016

"That Ours Is, That Is Us"

Medium: Acrylic and House Paint

Size: 25' x 8.5'

Date: June 2016

“That ours Is , That Is Us” is dedicated to the cause and environment of Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids. This artwork is created to remind and celebrate each member of the community as equal components of a larger community, our  beautiful city- Calgary. This project was a joy for us to create  as this mural  is intended to leave positive impact on all members, volunteers and residents of the building.

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