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As providers of positive mental environment it is our true honor to enhance public health by leaving a good memory as a positive experience and our legacy as artists. It is our pleasure  to leave harmony, beauty, motivation and healing as our signature.

Our services impact over hundreds of people on a daily basis while we are fueled by peoples' "Thank yous and God Bless yous."  LOUD Art Society strives for stronger community and cultural development. 

The organization  has been operating since 2015 solely with contributions of its founder and board members.

We have helped people from all walks of life, aged 3-65 years old.

To this date, we have impacted over 1664 individuals in person and over 4000 of our online audiences across our social media platforms. Whether a participant was suffering from cognitive disabilities, chronic, mental disease or addiction nearly all participants had considerable mood and concentration improvements, and some also reported the disappearance of anxiety and physical pain after 6 months of practicing art.


Our unique art program focuses on understanding and learning about the nature of “The Self”/ human psyche in order to mend individual’s core believes. As the facilitator of this program LOUD Art member spends hours on active listening, data collection, designing, creating, storytelling and educating.

Throughout the process the participant is often motivated, inspired and is guided to take action to express and create. In result, the participant develops higher emotional intelligence.


LOUD Art represents the job of an artist as a healer similar to a personal trainer, except training minds and emotions through hearts. We have collected a confidential survey of over 100 participants who have testified on their mental, emotional and even physical health improvements after their participation in our programs or events. With the rise of mental health issues, members of more communities are welcoming  LOUD Art’s program and we are aiming to provide our support via both in person and online services.

Head, Heart, Hands: LOUD Art Society

An article by Brown Baggings For Calgary's Kids

"Through their art, LOUD Art Society provides positive mental environments for the public and the group has shared their art and creativity with Calgary communities for the last two years. Healing, motivation, inspiration and empowerment are attributes LOUD Art Society aims to leave behind in each of their creative projects. “We create the positive environment so people can have a positive experience, a good memory when they are the viewers of our creativity,” says Tara Vahab, President and Founder of LOUD Art Society.

In July of 2015, LOUD Art Society approached BB4CK about creating a piece of art in the downtown kitchen and we enthusiastically embraced the opportunity of a new piece of art for the kitchen! Throughout the months that followed, LOUD painted one of the kitchen’s interior walls a brilliant red and created a beautiful mural in the entrance hallway of the kitchen.

Titled “That Ours Is, That Is Us,” the mural “is about our co-existence as a big family from ground all the way to the sky” says Vahab. “We tried to portray a very poetic view of this concept through the significant role of Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids in our city. This mural is LOUD Art Society’s way of admiring and appreciating BB4CK’s contribution towards a better Calgary, while simultaneously enhancing their environment by creating a more positive one for the staff, residents and all the visitors of this building. Our hope is to make everyone a little happier!”

The mural features Calgary’s skyline and a large tree that has many birds, flowers and friends nestled in it’s branches, backed by a stunning blue sky. Next time you are at the kitchen be sure to take a moment to view and explore our stunning mural, and see if you can find all the little BB4CK brown bags hidden in the mural’s branches!

The mural is a wonderful addition to the kitchen and greets all our visitors and volunteers with joy and bright colours and we are so incredibly grateful for this beautiful gift from LOUD Art Society!"

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