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Our Next Online Workshop

"Creative Journaling Workshop" - Building Self Confidence

Thursday February 16th, 2023
6:00-7:00 pm
@Zoom. FREE/ By Donation

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 12.48.41 PM.png

"Creative Journaling Workshop" - Self Love and Compassion

Thursday January 19th, 2023
6:00-7:00 pm
@Zoom. FREE/ By Donation

"Creative Journaling Workshop" - New Year Resolution

Thursday December 15th, 2022
6:00-7:00 pm
@Zoom. FREE/ By Donation

"Creative Journaling Workshop"

Thursday November 17th, 2022
6:00-7:00 pm
@Zoom. FREE/ By Donation

Join us to learn how to create a creative journal and how to use it to regulate your emotions.

Like all the spaces that we spend most of our time at like our home or work, our mind and mental space needs cleaning every once in a while to remain healthy. In this creative workshop you will learn:

- What is a creative journal?

- How to create one?

- How to use it to regulate your emotions?

To start our creative process we will be making a personalized collage on our journal first. Please prepare your collaging materials before the workshop starts.

List of materials:

1) Blank notebook (any size)

2) Any choice of colored papers, gift wrapping paper or fabric

3)Any choice of stickers, scrapbook tapes

4) Scissors

5) Glue stick, white glue or glue gun

6) Glitters or any other materials that bring you joy

7) Pencil, markers, paint and paint brushes of your choice


"Feel Spring In the Air" 
LOUD Origami Workshop by Reiko B.Yamagishi 

Origami Photoshoot

Our Next In-person Workshops from our Corner of Creativity Program:


"Landscape Painting Workshop"

Thursday March 2nd & 9 th, 2023
6:30-8:30 pm
@ Carya Village Commons 
610 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0M1

Week 1: Introduction to Colors “Colour Wheel”  and Landscape painting - Landscape paintings often construe a certain mood or emotion – they are incredible tools for creating an atmosphere to relieve emotional stress.

Week 2: Completion of Landscape painting & Critique - This can increase one’s awareness and orientation (i.e. persons, places, dates, and times).


"Abstract Painting Workshop"

Thursday March 30th & April 6th, 2023
6:30-8:30 pm
@ Carya Village Commons 
610 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0M1

Week 1:  Introduction to Abstract painting - Abstract painting allows the participant to practice freedom and develop personal rules and boundaries.

Week2: Development and completion of Abstract painting.  


"Self-Portrait Painting Workshop"

Thursday March 16th & 23rd, 2023
6:30-8:30 pm
@ Carya Village Commons 
610 8 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0M1

Week 1: Introduction to Self-Portrait painting - The basic idea with this type of art therapy is that the person communicates, through art, how they see themselves.

Week2: Development of Self-portrait + addition of a creative element. This promotes a sense of personal independence, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency.


Participants can register for all 3 Spring 2023 workshops at a discounted rate. 


Please register for this online event here
Stay tuned for our next Origami workshop!

Calgary Culture Now
"Kite-Making" Workshop

CCN Kite-Making workshop is part of LOUD Art Society's public art program established in  2019.

This program included 4 “Free Kite Making Workshops”. In partnership with the City of Calgary, main goals of these family friendly workshops are to get creative, generate joy and connect with nature.

By joining to this workshop you will learn how to make a paper kite using the provided materials as well as learning various painting techniques to apply on the kites and more excitingly, experience flying your  handmade paper kites and playing with the wind.

This workshop is available by request. 15-30 Day notice is required.

Maximum Capacity : 100 Participants/ Day

   Join Our Event

Thanks for registering!

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