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Stay Tuned for Our Upcoming Events

Kite Making 

 Starting Date: June 2019


Kite making workshop and kiting is a family friendly event happening during the summer

Join us to generate joy in a fun and peaceful setting of nature.  

Starting Date:  September 2019


"StarHood" conferences  provide life, career and professional development strategies for artists/art educators.

Learn how to be a star in your art business. Covered topics  include:

  1.  How to work from the heart and maintain balance

  2.  Deep look at myself :”Who really am I” 

  3.  How to make positive habits and remain consistent

  4.  Mindfulness in life, work and relationships

  5. What is my "Joy” 

  6. Work- life balance through physical, mental and emotional health 

  7. Ethics and moral appropriations in arts

  8. Leaderships and team building in Arts

  9.  Hacks to high performance in creativity

  10.  Have faith and Be LOUD (let optimism unleash dreams) 

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