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Tara Vahab

LOUD Art's Philosophy is derived from the young founder of our organization- Tara Vahab. Tara has been practicing visual arts for almost her entire life. She is interested in all forms of art and creativity and has been practicing music, dance, drama and culinary in different stages of her life.

She does not only believe but is aware that creative practices are one of the most effective and easy ways of preventive treatments and maintenance of balance in life. Her desire to help others and passion for creativity has lead her to do an extensive research on human psychology and psychoanalysis in order to find out the true purpose of  arts and creativity. She is documenting results of her researches in her upcoming book " Self-Therapy Through Creativity". Tara received her BFA from University of Calgary in 2015 not too long after which LOUD Art was founded. Her ultimate goal is to extend LOUD Art Society into an art and creativity centre where  easy hands on experience  access to art practice of any form is given to public.

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