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Ocean Serenity

The ocean is seen as a calm and peaceful force that if listened to carefully, could

possibly captivate and transport you into another dimension. The sounds of the

waves crashing against one another and the slight breeze that hits your face is a

magical feeling that could possible contribute to a person’s wellbeing. Ocean therapy

can take forms in different ways, such as seawater baths, seawater pools and

heated pools. If you are overworked or stressed, simply visiting the beach can have

a positive impact and boost mental and physical health.

Coping with stress, especially, when you’re overwhelmed can be daunting. A change

of scenery is good, as it improves ones mental state as they enter relaxation mode.

By simply watching the ocean your mind will automatically feel calm and at ease.

Listening to the waves will align your body and will relax the brain. Being near the

water can also boost ones creativity.

Living in a world that is filled with hustle and bustle can be tiring. Booking a vacation

could be a great way to reconnect and recover from any mental health problems one

may be facing. Being outdoors allows one to step out of their realities and calm the

mind. Try focusing on your senses.

Other ways that could contribute to your mental health, is mindfulness and

meditation. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and try clearing your mind. Smell

the sea salt, listen to the waves and allow yourself to focus on obtaining peace of


Listening to the ocean can drastically improve your quality of sleep and blood

circulation. The ocean can easily boost a person’s mood, reduce stress and anxiety,

and improve brain function.

Photo Credit: Samesh Naidoo

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