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Corner of Creativity

Corner of Creativity 

As part of LOUD Art Society's goals and missions we are glad to provide access to practice art and creativity for all age groups . In Corner of Creativity our professional artists lead educational, therapeutic and uplifting or celebratory art sessions. Corner of Creativity is an excellent service for child centres, schools, seniors, companies with highly stressed environment, individuals seeking to optimize their productivity and non-profit centres serving other individuals. Our program is designed to help individuals develop higher emotional intelligence, release stress, improve cognitive development and increase  concentration. These art sessions usually happen around a table or in the form of presentation where the leading artist provides participant/ participants with set of materials, techniques and a theme of concentration. All sessions are self-directed and the participant has a full control over his/her creative journey.

Time, duration and number of sessions are based on age, conditions and availability.

All LOUD Art Society members receive up to 10 hours of one on one sessions per year. 

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Corner of Creativity

Kids Art Program- Summer  July - August 

Age : 6 -12

Number of Sessions: 8

Duration: 2 hours

Dates:  July 3,10, 17, 24, 31 and Aug 7, 14, 21

Number of Projects: 3-5

Medium: Acrylic, watercolour, mixed medium ( found object, oil or chalk pastel, markers, pencils, collaging elements )

Location:  6356 Dalbeattie Hill NW 


The concept of this art program is to develop creative thinking, problem solving skills, decision making, mindfulness,, concentration transferred into joy and  materials are used accordingly. Participants  will be learning different  art techniques as we introduce each project. Our classes are about finding out  and nurturing the unique creative character of each student.

Program Outline:

2 sessions  Self-Portrait project - 1 completed artwork 

2 sessions   Nature painting  - 1 completed artwork

2 sessions   Mixed media  - 1 completed artwork

1 session   Independent/abstract/free style - 1 completed artwork

1 session   Collaborative art making -1 piece of a shared artwork

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