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Corner of Creativity is the LOUD Art Society Full 6 weeks Painting Program. The program is designed to help participants enhance their mental health, regulate their emotions and develop a positive habit through painting and practicing creativity. The program consists of 4 modules: Colour Wheel, Landscape Painting, Self-portrait painting and Abstract painting.The program may take up to 8 weeks when participants remain engaged and committed to completion of all modules. Week 8 offers a collaborative painting to promote community building and friend making. 

Week 1: Introduction to Colors “Colour Wheel” -  an easy “check-in” to find out client feelings and the issues they are dealing with at this time in their life. After creating a pie chart with 8 sections, the client chooses 8 emotions and then color in the pie pieces.

Week 2: Introduction to Landscape painting - Landscape paintings often construe a certain mood or emotion – they are incredible tools for creating an atmosphere to relieve emotional stress.

Week 3: Completion of Landscape painting & Critique - This can increase one’s awareness and orientation (i.e. persons, places, dates, and times).

Week 4: Introduction to Self-Portrait painting - The basic idea with this type of art therapy is that the person communicates, through art, how they see themselves.

Week5: Development of Self-portrait + addition of a creative element. This promotes a sense of personal independence, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency.

Week 6: Introduction to Abstract painting - Abstract painting allows the participant to practice freedom and develop personal rules and boundaries.

Corner of Creativity Fall 22-Full

  • In case of cancilation full refunds are offered 14days before the program start date.

  • Please be advised the price includes the debit/credit transaction fees

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