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Najmeh Moheb

Born in Iran, Najmeh moved to Canada in 2010. Having gotten a master degree in Economics and worked in this field, immigrating to Canada was a turning point for her; she recalled a persistent childhood dream of becoming a professional artist. She passionately and enthusiastically started drawing and painting, and found herself in full enjoyment and satisfaction that never happened without art. Najmeh graduated in 2015 from University of Calgary with bachelor of Fine Arts. The creative process of practicing art has been a self-therapy for her and a way to recognize herself as a being with multiple dimensions. Her personal paintings, prints and sculptures focus on her experiences, memories and self-recognition in relation to mythic and ethic concepts. Najmeh reveals her unpleasant memories through sharing them visually with her audience. As a vice president of Loud Art Society, she truly believes that creativity and art practices connect us with our inner body and this is the best way to maintain our mental health and balance ourselves in the modern society. She is much interested in helping others to explore themselves through various services that LOUD Art Society provides. 

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