LOUD Art Society (Let Optimism Unleash Dreams) is the first in Calgary, or perhaps in the world, as a non for profit organization offering humanitarian artistic  services. Our organization is honoured to enhance public health by providing positive mental environment through our Projects, programs and products.

Loud Art Society is committed and dedicated in promoting positive phycology, art and creativity as a higher   emotional intelligence educationWe partner up with different communities, organizations and businesses to bring art where it is the most beneficial. We deliver our excellence through over 15 years of practice, talent, knowledge and research.


Our mission is:
To connect and engage  more artists, art and creativity with communities in order to prevent and cure mental disease , and improve mental and emotional health
Our goal is:
Exchanging traumas and negative habits  with positive experiences. Healing and motivation, inspiration and empowerment as attributes that Loud Art Society leaves behind with  each creative project.
Our belief is:

Creativity is the most significant characteristics  of higher intelligence. Great societies are built upon empathetic, creative and passionate initiators therefore, together we create our ideal community as a large family.

Our Vision is:

To provide an easy and affordable access to art and practicing creativity to as many communities as possible.

LOUD Art's Philosophy is derived from one of our artists and  founder of our organization- Tara Vahab. Tara has been practicing visual arts for almost her entire life. However,   she   is  interested in    all     forms    of  art  and  creative activities and has been practicing music, dance, drama and culinary in different  stages  of  her  life.

She does not only believe but is aware that creative practices are one of the most effective and easy ways of preventive treatments for mental health and maintenance of emotional balance in life. Her desire to help others and passion for creativity has lead her to do an extensive research on human psychology and psychoanalysis in order to find out the true purpose of  arts and creativity. She is documenting results of her researches in her upcoming book " Self-Therapy Through Art & Creativity" where she concludes that any form of art simply is a practice for positive psychology. Tara received her BFA from University of Calgary in 2015 not too long after which LOUD Art was founded. Her ultimate goal is to extend Loud Art Society into an art and creativity centre where  easier access  to art and creative practices of any form is given to public.

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